DREHMO c-matic

... with integral actuator control


c-matic actuators have an integral control-unit with built-in user interface in sturdy industrial design. The contactless torque and position measurements result from the COMBI sensor. With the LEARN function an easy setting is guaranteed. The actuators made by DREHMO contain programmable functionalities.




  • DREHMO 3-phase AC squirrel cage motor, insulation class F, 3 thermoswitches
  • Combined sensor for limit and torque sensing
  • Controls:
    • Switchgear: Interlocked reversing contactors
    • Control: 24V DC, OPEN - STOP - CLOSE (potential-free)
    • Status signals: 5 change-over contacts + 4 NO contacts
  • Local controls:
    • selector switch LOCAL - 0 - REMOTE
    • Control switches OPEN - STOP, CLOSE, LEARN button
    • 3 indication lights OPEN (green) - FAULT (red) - CLOSE (yellow)
  • Enclosure protection IP68 according to IEC 60529
  • Ambient temperature -25°C to +70°C
  • Corrosion protection K3
  • Colour RAL 5015 / sky blue
  • Handwheel for manual operation / without switch-over mechanism
  • Electrical connection: plug/socket connector

Additional equipment

  • LC display for position indication
  • 4-20mA position transmitter
  • Positioner
  • electronic timer
  • profibus interface
  • seperately mounted controls
  • parking plug with cover



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