DREHMO x-matic

... non-intrusive, suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

 x-matic actuators are high end valve actuators with the features of the i-matic range in flameproof enclosure. Operation is made via graphic LCD and push buttons. The actuators comprise the same functions as c-matic actuators. They are further equipped with local and remote configurable actuator functions, self-monitoring, electronic name plate, operation data logging as well as diagnostic functions for preventive maintenance.




  • valve attachment according to EN ISO 5210 or DIN 3210
  • mains voltage 380 V - 420 V
  • DREHMO 3-phase AC squirrel cage motor, insulation class F, 3 PTC's
  • short-time duty S2 - max. 15 min.
  • combined sensor for limit and torque sensing
  • controls:
    • Switchgear: Interlocked reversing contactors
    • Control: 24V DC, 3+1 potential-free and freely programmable command inputs
    • Status signals (programmable, potrential free): 2+2+1+1 NO contacts and 1 change-over contact
  • local controls:
    • operation: 4 multi-function push buttons: Selector switch LOCAL - 0 - REMOTE - LEARN - MENU (lockable) Control buttons OPEN - STOP - CLOSE / ENTER, ESCAPE, MENU UP, MENU DOWN
    • indication lights: 6 indication lights (colour coding programmable for 5): End position CLOSED, torque fault CLOSE, fault, torque fault OPEN, end position OPEN, Bluetooth (blue)
    • interface: Bluethooth
  • explosion protection Ex de IIC T4
  • enclosure protection IP68 according to IEC 60529
  • ambient temperature -25°C to +60°C
  • corrosion protection K3
  • colour RAL 5015 / sky blue
  • handwheel for manual operation / without switch-over mechanism
  • electrical cennection: plug/socket connector with screw-type connection

Additional equipment

  • magnetic pin operation
  • electronic load relay (ELR)
  • external power supply
  • communication interfaces
    • Profibus DPV0, V1, V2
    • Modubus RTU single line, redundant, Loop
    • Foundation Fieldbus H1
    • HART protocol

Brochure DREHMO x-matic EN 1.02 MB Download
Operating Instruction DREHMO x-matic EN

Operating description applies only combined with one of the control descriptions

12.2 MB Download
Operating Instruction DREHMO x-matic DE
Operating description applies only combined with one of the control descriptions
12.2 MB Download
IMC01X-XX-D1-XAA_1 78.73 KB Download
IMC01X-XX-D5-XAA_1 84.5 KB Download
IMC01X-XX-D1-XAJ_1 106.93 KB Download
IMC01X-XX-D5-XAJ_1 111.47 KB Download
IMC012-XX-AA-XA0_1 90.02 KB Download
IMC013-XX-AA-XA0_1 92.95 KB Download
IMC015-XX-AA-XA0_1 95.34 KB Download
IMC015-XX-AA-XAB_1 94.13 KB Download
DimEx_(30-2000)_YD05.661001_DE 905.42 KB Download
DimEx_(30-2000)_YD05.661003_EN 904.66 KB Download
DPiMEx_(75-1800)_YD05.662001_DE 691.64 KB Download
DPiMEx_(75-1800)_YD05.662003_EN 691.91 KB Download
DIM(R)-30-59-EX 4.12 MB Download
DIM(R)-60-EX 7.21 MB Download
DIM(R)-120-249-EX 1.64 MB Download
DIM(R)-250-EX 1.69 MB Download
DIM(R)-500-EX 1.8 MB Download
DIM(R)-1000-EX 2.42 MB Download
DPiM 150-1800-Ex 5.7 MB Download
DIM(R)-30-59-EX 20.95 MB Download
DIM(R)-60-EX 14.95 MB Download
DIM(R)-120-249-EX 14.85 MB Download
DIM(R)-250-EX 31.9 MB Download
DIM(R)-500-EX 30.89 MB Download
DIM(R)-1000-EX 14.33 MB Download
DPIM-150-1800EX 20.95 MB Download

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