Quality assurance

Quality is both our passion and commitment towards our customers. Achieving zero-fault production and services is the key objective of our company. Our quality management strives for continual improvement of processes and procedures while integrating motivation, knowledge and experience of our committed staff. We plan our quality so that we do not have to rely on testing. Our success is measured against the customer requirements we have met, even if they were not explicitly specified.

The protection of the environment is an integral part of our corporate objectives. This commitment is not just limited to our own production processes where we responsibly use raw materials and energy or to heeding the applicable environmental legislation. For us, it includes in particular the development of customised products leading to continuous savings during their use.


Our certifications:

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, SCC, ATEX, IECEx


Corporate policy

Integral corporate policy

AUMA commits itself to complying with existing laws and regulations, requirements of interested parties and self-commitment and furthermore to voluntarily contribute to fostering environmental protection, occupational health and safety as well as energy efficiency and information safety. We have thoroughly examined the context of our organisation and defined the deriving requirements on both type and complexity of our integral management system. The resulting objectives can be measured and thus be controlled. Performances in terms of economic viability, quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety as well as information safety can be measured via specific and traceable key indicators. We are aware of the importance of quality, occupational health and safety as well as environmental protection, energy efficiency and information safety and place high demands within this field. The requirements of the integral management system have been effectively integrated into our business processes. We have provided both human and financial resources to maintain the integral management system and commit ourselves to ensuring that the management system can fully develop the desired effects and that the defined objectives can be achieved. General Management is committed to providing comprehensive support to executives and all staff members who should actively contribute to the effectiveness of the integral management system.

Guiding principle

Continual improvement and regular update of our products and performances according to economic principles while heeding resource-saving processes as well as adaptation to new application areas are of utmost importance. By continual verification of our methods and procedures, we sustainably ensure our competitiveness and thus live a continual improvement process.

Customers and suppliers

Our main objective is the economic fulfilment of customer requirements. Hereby, we do not merely focus on the current expectations, but strive for consistently anticipating the market requirements of tomorrow. Essential contributions to our success are long-term partnerships and close cooperation with our customers and suppliers. For this, we select our suppliers according to defined performance and environmental protection criteria. Persistent product quality, quantities and delivery times are decisive factors for securing our market position. Continual improvement of production technology with the objective of continuously decreasing production cost will safeguard our competitiveness. However, product quality always remains at focus.

Staff members

Our staff are of core importance for the entire organisation. They are a decisive factor for achieving our objectives since they bring our philosophy to life. Ongoing training and intensive integration of our staff into shaping company processes increase qualification and foster motivation to fulfil the demanded tasks with excelling competence. Protecting the health of our staff members is of strategic signification for us. We heed all legal requirements while having established a high standard of occupational health and safety. The basis is a dedicated Corporate Health Management scheme. Communication down to the smallest cell of each group / each team inspires a high performance environment characterised by fairness and cooperation. Regular meetings at all levels of the company support this notion. Numerous shopfloor and CIP meetings enhance and improve communication.

SCC** Management

General Management assumes responsibility for implementing the SCC regulations. The implementation of the regulatory SCC** framework is ensured by complying with the "SCC Management Specification", combining requirements from occupational safety, health and environmental protection HSE. Customer demands on our HSE standards when performing services and work supply are fully met. This shows in various aspects:

  • Prevention of accidents
  • Prevention of occupational diseases and work-related health problems
  • Prevention of environmental and property damage
  • Implementation of a continual improvement process for consistent enhancement of the HSE standard

Environment and energy

We commit to complying with the applicable regulatory framework as well as with the requirements of superordinate associations and companies or external parties and the requirements of our partners with regard to environment and energy as well as further binding requirements. Furthermore, we undertake to continually improve environmental and energy performances to effectively contribute to saving resources and protecting the environment. Therefore, it is our responsibility to:

  • Check at regular intervals whether the financial or structural basis is given
  • Ensure that all staff members are integrated in the implementation and maintenance of the AUMA Management System and the required responsibilities defined by General Management
  • Regularly determine and assess both environmental and energetic impacts
  • Avoid needless energetic waste and environmental pollution
  • Define and pursue objectives for continual improvement of both environmental performance and energy efficiency on an annual basis
  • Notify all staff members and contractually bound companies of the documented corporate policy
  • Ensure accessibility of the corporate policy to the public
  • Use energy-efficient equipment and services
  • Regularly review the integral management system by internal audits and continually determine statutory

Information safety

Data privacy is very important for us. Therefore, we protect the secrecy, availability and integrity of all confidential and above all personal information of our customers and business partners, our staff members as well as the own company by introducing appropriate technical and organisational measures, irrespective of method of saving, whether in electronic form, on paper or mentally.

Our applicable corporate policy is based on the following standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001 and SCC** Management. Our organisation ensures that all information required to achieve the defined objectives is available. The corporate policy enacted by us forms the framework for the stipulated strategic and operative individual objectives.

Our collaborators, affiliated companies, suppliers and service providers will be informed of our corporate policy at regular intervals. Corporate policy is published on the Intranet. We commit to review and initiate corrective actions of our company policy on an annual basis. Corporate policy is available as documented information.


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